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I decided to be a writer

2014-11-12 07:07:40 by TaroMaster4

Considering all that's happened with my life i think i'm going to be back here on newgrounds and help people with writing animatons and stuff. I am very good with stories so I have a good start. For anyone who actually was following me thanks for being patient as I had a long time to think about what I needed to do in life and I hope you all support me.

Well yeah i have about everyone needed and we're almost done with the script so soon we'll look for more voice actors and get started.

Psyguy forgives me yay!

2011-08-26 01:53:33 by TaroMaster4

Sorry but i don't have much to say on this news post other then i'm glad he forgave me.

Whachow goes to far?

2011-08-25 15:51:03 by TaroMaster4

i was mentioned in this weeks Whachow as "chump-change" and they call me a stalker and make fun of me. They don't mention my full name but they completely disregard the fact i have a mental disability called Asperger syndrome and it's high functioning as well.

I'm rather pissed at them but i don't want their show taken down because it's funny. How do i get the word out that i'm not a stalker and just made a mistake based on my disability?

The podcast can be found here. 5

Join my game making team!

2011-08-08 17:35:26 by TaroMaster4

If you are a experienced concept artist, game designer or a programmer we need your help in making a awesome game called "Troll King" It's a board game that centers around "icons" and "battling". But i think this will pretty much cover everything in the game's gameplay.

Getting Started: There are 5 maps each with many spaces on them. These spaces make trails to different maps. Each space itself is a board that you must beat before you can go onto the next space. To beat each board you must go around the board once, almost immediately after you pass the starting point of the board you will be taken to a battle area where you must face the boss of that board. The boss will take on the same appearance as your opponent so you will know what you're going to fight as soon as you complete the board.

Multiplayer: So far there is no multiplayer as this would probably be best as a one player game. Most likely because we have one fight the other once they complete the board. I may be able to squeeze in multiplayer IF and only IF we decide to get rid of the battle system. The goal in that case would be to collect the most coins when rounding the board twice.

Saving: I'm not a programmer or at least one that can use coding, but i do know that saving will be included in here somehow.

Movement: Roll 1 die per turn and go the number of spaces accordingly. You may choose to go down other paths depending where you are on the board.

Spaces: Blue spaces give 10 coins, Red Spaces take away 10 coins, Gold Spaces give treasure chests and are usually filled with lots of coins or a good icon, Green spaces are where the "Treasure Troll" resides and he'll give a trivia question and if you get it right he'll give you a prize (that being coins or a great icon) if you get it wrong he'll take away half of the amount of coins you have, White spaces are where you shop for icons using your coins and finally purple spaces activate a turn based battle every time you step on one.

Coins: Coins are mainly used to buy icons at the white spaces but have a another use later on as the "coin catapult" where you can use the coins as ammunition in battles.

Icons: The all important icons! your basic battle equipment is kept but these icons are considered the upgrades to that and can be used in battle to slay enemies. But these icons have use on the board as well as like the "Weapon Icon" will make extra dice 2 or 3 depending on the value of it. "Armor icons" protect you from losing coins or items. "Magic Icons" now these are awesome these let you steal items or coins from your opponent. Also we have the "Medicinal icon" when used on the board it gives 10 coins by the number rolled of 1 dice. So if you got a 6 you would get 60 coins.
Also remember that if you use a icon it won't come back you will have to find a new one or buy some new icons at the shop. So yeah remember that if use all your equipment icons you'll be back to your standard equipment again.

Battling: Basic turn based rpg fighting but don't forget to equip your new items before you enter battle. (To tell the truth we're not sure if this part of the game will be included or not)

Well i hope some of you are convinced to help with this, because we could use the help.

Yeah well i'm gonna need help here as i thought of this AWESOME idea for a game! A turn based fighting board game! You're probably wondering how that's gonna work right RIGHT?!! Well i'll link you to my collab then. 48698
As you probably know this script probably sucks so i'm asking for some script writers as well as the rest.
Comment on my profile or go to that link and tell me if you're interested.

Yeah like i said i'll pretty much voice anything as long as it doesn't have to much bad language in it.
I voiced Ken in the Satire version of Street fighter 2 that HD made and i was supposed to voice some other things but those flashes were never made.

Ok that's said so Pm me if you need my assistance.

Also there's the fact that i'm looking for a animator for the soon to be a flash "V.I.G" aka Volcanoman, Ironchef and Guacamolegirl. i'm still working on the script but the animation itself will be in a series so each scene is gonna be a separate animation. So far there's 3 scenes so right now i just need to have some people for voices and someone to draw the characters and animate them. i'll of course describe what they look like to the drawer but i they're supposed to look really cool.

Well anyways that's about it for this post so i'll make another one some other time.

My first voice acting gig

2010-08-13 07:29:53 by TaroMaster4

Yeah you heard right i finally got a part in something and i'm was just so lucky to get it.
My voice is gonna be in the new flash the "Hadokendude" is making.
I'll be playing as "Ken" so be sure to tell me how i did.

Audio Submissions

2010-07-10 17:43:43 by TaroMaster4

Yay My Audio can finally get on here!
I'll be submitting lots of different songs and stuff so i hope they're good enough.

Kingbo's Revenge = My first sprite animation

2010-07-01 14:33:10 by TaroMaster4

In this little short i made for StompRocket2009's birthday, "Kingbo" (Stomp's TTA fan character) gets his revenge on Zetto after the battle he had with him in the flash game Dannydk6 made at this link. ion=&q=TTA+game#/d2miwpg

It's titled TTA game demo in case you can't find it.

My short is a bit fast but thanks to the loop it goes in you'll be able to read it and understand it better.
Link for it here. e738e686b99651b470ae6ddec5c4a7

If you compare the two you'd notice mine's not as good, but that's only because it's my first animation.